Coffee, chocolate, and beer.

Yeah… you heard that right.

As some of you may know, Mr. Thrive is really into homebrewing beer. And on my request, he made a batch of the best beer ever, Mocha Porter. So you know I couldn’t resist turning it into a batch of soap!

Today’s soap started with a couple bottles of this heavenly beer, with a splash of locally-roasted organic Sweetwater coffee for good measure. Along with our blend of olive, castor, coconut, and rice bran oils, we added cocoa butter, cocoa powder, and coffee essential oil.

This is going to be an awesome bar of soap. And better yet, all the guesses (well, except for bacon) gave us some great ideas for future soaps… salt, lemon peel, and ground clove is one of our favorites; sandalwood, lavender and lemon is another.

Thanks a million to Indie Gainesville for getting involved in the contest, and to our wonderful fans for the awesome guesses! We actually had two winners, who had mostly-right answers around the same time this afternoon: Whitney (you crafty minx) and Jessica, a commenter on Indie Gainesville.


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