Soap giveaway!

We really want to tell you the soap we’re pouring today because it’s just fabulous… except – it’s SO FABULOUS we decided to make a contest about it.

Obviously, beautiful soap is one of our favorite things. This particular soap includes no less than three more of our favorite things – care to guess what they are? Leave a comment on this blog post or on facebook… whoever gets the closest will win a free bar of this soap when it’s ready!

UPDATED: over in the facebook comments, Whitney has guessed two of the three ingredients of this soap – they are chocolate and coffee!

(regardless of the accuracy of your guess, if you submit a great idea for soap, we might make it for you in the future)


15 thoughts on “Soap giveaway!

    1. niemama Post author

      I do have a lavender silk soap (with real tussah silk fiber!)… I haven’t used vanilla because I hear it’s unstable and can discolor the soap – and yet it smells so good – I might have to try it!

  1. Tab

    my guess would be something with ylang ylang…but I’m not sure what others you may be adding. Perhaps silk and lavender?

  2. Carrie

    I’m new here, so I don’t know what your favorites are, so I’m listing my favorites. Not sure if they would work together, but love them all- rosemary, mint and lavender

    1. niemama Post author

      Thanks for visiting! I use a LOT of these three essential oils – I would say that my four primary scents are rosemary, lavender, lemongrass, and coffee (mint is more of a supporting player). One of my bestselling soaps is Rosemary-Orange-Mint!

  3. Beth

    Don’t know what but would love to see a soap in Confederate Jasmine – one of my favorite smells of spring!


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