I leapt.

Let me start with my philosophy about shopping. If I see something I like, but I’m not sure I really want it or should spend the money, I walk away. If I’m still thinking about it a week later, I’ll go back for it. Most of the time, I never think about it again.

So that’s the prologue. The story: a while back I blogged about Goddess Leonie and how enchanted I was by her, even going so far as to put an ad for her site on my blog and direct my readers to check her out. But – I wasn’t quite ready to actually go for it myself. My left brain kept stepping in the way (“doesn’t this seem a little fruity?”). I guess I had a hard time with the crunchy watercolor goddess side of it… but really, I am a crunchy watercolor goddess, I just seem to be kinda shy about it.

Then this morning, I participated in a business coaching session with Dani Nelson of life unconstrained – I mentioned something about the inspiration I had found just in reading Leonie’s website – and Dani responded about how much she loved her too. And that was it – it just clicked. I realized that I was just delaying the inevitable, that if I couldn’t shake it from my mind, it was because it was meant to be mine.

So I leapt 🙂

…to be continued…

[For the sake of full disclosure: I have signed up as an affiliate – so when you follow a link from my page to the Goddess Guidebook and make a purchase, a portion of the abundance is shared with me. But that’s not why I’m linking her – I want you to visit her site regardless.]


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