Soap on sale!

There are a few soaps that have been collecting in the workshop… I kindof think of them as soaps only a mother could love. They might be a little small, or uneven, or maybe they’re just a little older than the rest so they don’t smell as strong anymore. They are still beautiful and perfect and made to our high standards, but… well, they’re just not ready for prime time.

Fairy Sparkles

I think of these as being perfect for treating yourself… they aren’t pretty enough to sell in the store or give as a gift, but maybe you just want one for your own use and you don’t need it to be fancy or perfect, just sweet-smelling and made with love. Every Thrive soap is made form scratch with vegetable oils, food-grade lye, and natural ingredients like clay and salt. We use it on our own kids!

So visit the Thrive Handcrafts page on Etsy, where we’re having a sale! Our soaps usually retail around $7 but for now you can order 2 bars for $10. Selections include Fairy Sparkles, O Captain My Captain, and Lemongrass-Tea Tree.


Spring update

Hello friends! Just wanted to send out some love on this warm and sunny Monday morning. My blog & Facebook page have been pretty dormant lately and it’s just about time to reawaken. Our family moved into a new house which has been glorious, exhausting, and more exhausting. I am in the process of setting up workshop & office so Thrive will be fully back in business!

A big loving welcome to new visitors- I am always surprised to look at the blog stats and see all the various ways people find us. Stay tuned because in the coming months I will be running a big sale on soap, freshening up the look of the blog and online store, launching some new things, and blogging more consistently (!). Want to stay in touch? Check us out on twitter, instagram, facebook, or pinterest.

See you soon 😉

The Desire Map

I am so crazy excited about this, I might pop. It’s a little premature but I just can’t stop thinking about it, so I’m gonna spill.
first badge

I have read several of Danielle LaPorte’s (*) books and followed her online for several years. I don’t typically consider myself a “follower” of anyone, but let me tell you – everything I read from Danielle just resonates. The Desire Map (*) was a real game-changer for me in terms of my relationship to myself, my parenting, my marriage, my business. I loved the book, I loved the day planner, love, love, love.

Then she opened up an amazing opportunity: to be a licensed facilitator of Desire Map workshops, leading other women on this amazing journey. I dreamed and I desired and I resisted… and now… I have leapt. BIG TIME.

Beginning in 2015 I will organize and lead workshops centered on The Desire Map, a book that I love so much I can’t help but share it with others. The book and workbook are an elegant and inspiring way to reframe your goal-setting and really blow shit up on your way to ruling your world. Authenticity is absolutely key to me, people, and I wouldn’t promote this if I didn’t believe in it wholeheartedly. (If you check it out and love it as much as I do… follow this link (*) to learn how you can be a licensed facilitator too!)

truthbomb know the answerIn the coming weeks I will start an email newsletter (***DONE!)  and launch a website dedicated to my Desire Map programs, and start planning my first workshop(s) – definitely in the St. Pete/Tampa area, in other cities as the need arises, AND virtually via Skype. I gotta keep reminding myself to start small! But know this: they will be transformational; they will open your heart; and they will certainly include sweet-smelling gifts!

Stay tuned, my friends. My heart is bursting. This is going to be a wonderful ride.

(*) So here’s the deal: when you click on my links to Danielle’s site, are affiliate links, meaning that if you make a purchase, the price is the same for you, but I get a commission. Thanks in advance! And I look forward to hearing from you about your journey with The Desire Map. 

Minérale Savon Artisanale

I’ve been so swamped with holidays & life that it took until now to post about this… fiiiinally here I am with some big news!!!

I’d had an idea for a while to develop a new recipe that was similar to the amazing soap of southern France, or savon de Marseille. I started by making it with 72% olive oil, and added my old favorites of avocado oil, coconut oil, and shea butter. I used the same basic technique as I do with Thrive soap – that lovely, unique textured top – and the result is pretty, pretty, pretty. Ladies and gentlemen, I present my new baby: Minérale Savon Artisanale!

Minérale Savon Artisanale in Locale Market, St. Petersburg, Florida.

My freakin’ ridiculous husband made the gorgeous display rack out of copper and cedar. He worked late nights in the garage to build this thing and I couldn’t be happier. It is sturdy and beautiful. It has just the right patina so it looks aged. He made an oval sign and I stenciled the logo. There is a perfect little box on the side to hold kraft paper bags, so the customer can select their favorite soap and take it with them.

Minérale makes its debut today as part of the grand opening of Locale Market, an exciting new gourmet market that opens today in downtown St. Petersburg. We have visited a couple times as they prepare to open and it is such an amazing store! They have an Italian kitchen, seafood, sandwiches, ice cream, wine, cheese, pastries – all under one roof. In addition to our soap they are carrying goods from a variety of local farmers and producers, which I love.

I hope you’ll join us as Minérale continues to evolve and grow. It will have its own website in the new year – in the meantime please follow us on Facebook. Joyeaux Noël!