Praise for Thrive HandcraftsIn addition to this glowing review from Indie Gainesville, here’s a collection of some of the nice things our customers have said about our products! If you have something to say, email us! (We even like constructive criticism!)

The most gracious and loving soap making family…how could you not feel completely taken care of using any product that came from their kitchen? I am a no frills unscented everything kind of girl…somehow Thrive Handcrafts managed to slip through the cracks. 

I love that all of Thrive’s ingredients are all chosen with a conscious mind. I can feel good about using their products on my children’s delicate skin and give their soap for every gift giving holiday! I just had to let you know how much I am enjoying your deodorant cream.  I stumbled upon the lavender and tea tree one at Wards several weeks ago, and on a whim, I decided to buy it.  I had been searching for a natural deodorant for a while, but was consistently disappointed by the options.  I have to admit that I was a bit hesitant to try your cream — would it *really* work???  But I was SO pleased to find that it works very well!!  I like that I know exactly what the ingredients are, and I love the lavender and tea tree combo!  Please keep making it!!

I’ve had several days this week when using your cinnamon-ginger scrub has been the highlight of my day. Which says as much about my week as your soap, but I really do love it: smells fantastic and my skin is so soft!

I’ve been using your deliciously fragrant lemongrass-patchouli deodorant for over a week now in the 80+ degree weather. I did a lot of gardening and walking so I can really say I put it to the test, and am so pleased with how effective this product is. It’s wonderful to put something on your body that you feel is pure and natural….and it works great! Keep making your beautiful creations for us all to enjoy……can’t wait to see what comes next.

I must say- Thrive’s cream deodorant is THE BEST deodorant I’ve ever used! I know this sounds dramatic, but it’s improved my life! We all know how hard it is to find a natural that truly works. Really. I’m absolutely hooked and would be loathe to use anything else ever again. Thank You!!

I have been giving your unscented cream deodorant a trial run, and I must say, it works GREAT. I thought it would feel greasy, but it absolutely doesn’t–just light and comfy. It even worked on a camping trip w/ scarce showers!


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