Thrive Handcrafts is proud to support the local economy in our dual hometowns of St. Petersburg and Gainesville, Florida. We market to locally-owned businesses and get out to local markets and festivals every chance we get. The money we earn is spent in local businesses, often in the same stores that sell our products!

But – that doesn’t mean we don’t want to thrive elsewhere! Our goal is to maintain our excellent reputation, crafty image, and personalized service while sustainably growing our business. To that end, we are available for wholesale orders.

If the Thrive Handcrafts mission is complementary to yours, please get in touch – we’d love to work with you! We can collaborate in a variety of ways: we can provide our labeling or work together to design a joint marketing vision. We are particularly excited to partner with folks who produce our fabulous natural ingredients – coffee, beer, milk, oils, herbs, flowers, and – well, let’s get creative!

To learn more and request a wholesale sample kit, please contact Susan or Brian today! And if you are a fan who helps us connect with a wholesale opportunity, we’ll reward you with free product!


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