Soap on sale!

There are a few soaps that have been collecting in the workshop… I kindof think of them as soaps only a mother could love. They might be a little small, or uneven, or maybe they’re just a little older than the rest so they don’t smell as strong anymore. They are still beautiful and perfect and made to our high standards, but… well, they’re just not ready for prime time.

Fairy Sparkles

I think of these as being perfect for treating yourself… they aren’t pretty enough to sell in the store or give as a gift, but maybe you just want one for your own use and you don’t need it to be fancy or perfect, just sweet-smelling and made with love. Every Thrive soap is made form scratch with vegetable oils, food-grade lye, and natural ingredients like clay and salt. We use it on our own kids!

So visit the Thrive Handcrafts page on Etsy, where we’re having a sale! Our soaps usually retail around $7 but for now you can order 2 bars for $10. Selections include Fairy Sparkles, O Captain My Captain, and Lemongrass-Tea Tree.


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