Behold the Giftpot

thrive handcraftsI am so tickled by this 🙂

For the holidays this year, our normally-awesome gift sets are on steroids… each one contains a Thrive Handcrafts artisan soap of your choice, a handmade cedar soap deck, and (eeek this is so cute) a little paper envelope of wildflower seeds… all contained in (hold on it’s about to get cuter) an elegant white ceramic flowerpot. My friends, behold THE GIFTPOT.

And that’s just the small version… the large includes either one jar of our creamy dreamy whipped shea butter (if you see us in person at one of our upcoming craft shows) or a solid lotion bars (for gifts that have to be shipped).

At this moment the Goat Milk & Shea Butter and Fairy Sparkles sets are listed on Etsy, later today we’ll list more scents.

THIS SATURDAY come see us at Creative Loafing Crafts & Drafts at the St. Pete Shuffleboard Club!


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