O Captain My Captain!

I love soap with a story… here is the latest.

We live 2 blocks from salt water, I had been wanting to make a seaweed soap for a while, and I’m on record as loving salt soap- so a soap with ocean-y elements just had to happen. Add to that the context of the recent death of Robin Williams, whom I admired greatly, and my personal journey of processing my emotions in the wake of his and other loved ones’ suicides. I knew I needed to make a statement,

I present my newest soap; her name is O Captain My Captain! Here she is basking in the morning sun.

Seaweed & Sea Salt Soap by Thrive Handcrafts

This soap has been loved and prayed over. Tears were shed. Memories stretched their wings and flew. Call me crazy, but I actually whispered loving secrets to this soap so it could go out in the world and do good. Some people write poetry, or paint, or sing. I make soap.

A portion of the proceeds from this soap will be donated to charities supported by the folks I’ve cried over. It will be in select retail stores and in our online store in late October.

UPDATE: I went ahead and created an Etsy listing for pre-orders: https://www.etsy.com/listing/205394828/o-captain-my-captain-seaweed-sea-salt?


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