Praise for Thrive Handcrafts

Praise for Thrive Handcrafts








We get some really sweet compliments for our soaps and other body care products. We work hard to create a product whose quality speaks for itself, and hearing back from our customers is validation that our love and commitment are shining through.

If you have something you want us to know about your experience with Thrive products, please get in touch. If it’s something good, leave it on our Facebook page, on the Praise page, on Twitter with @thrivelove, or on our Etsy page.

If you have a concern or something not-so-good, we want to hear that too, and we’d appreciate the opportunity to respond privately. Please send us an email so we can hear what you have to say.

We are not a big company using the language of friendship to impersonate a small business. “We” are literally a mom banging out a blog post while the baby naps. Gratitude doesn’t even begin to describe the way it feels to hear supportive words from loyal customers. Blessings to you! Thrive!!!


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