Our Goat Milk Soap is Famous


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This is one of my favorite soaps, as I’ve mentioned before. It’s one of the ones I make most frequently and keep stocked in stores and on Etsy. But to be honest, this is not one of my most favorite soap photos. Maybe it’s because I took it myself, so no matter how beautiful it is it will always look amateur to me. On the other hand, I took it in a really beautiful space – my old massage office – so it reminds me of that room and the gorgeous light streaming in the windows, filtered through oak and magnolia branches and old wavy glass.

My feelings about it aside, this is the feature photo for my Goat Milk & Shea Butter soap on Etsy, and this little cutie has been featured in more treasuries than I can count.

Here are two from this week alone:

Rustic Spring by Patricia

Farm Fresh by Vintage Urban Blue

Better yet, I’m headed to the farmer’s market tomorrow morning to pick up some local raw goat milk and then coming home to make another batch of this soap. Thus far, she has always been fragrance-free, but this time I’m thinking I might celebrate Spring by making an additional batch with French lavender. (If you know me, you know that I can always find something to celebrate with lavender.)

So, dear readers, I request that you visit these treasuries and show them some love- they are handy collections of beautiful handcrafted goodness. While you’re there, visit my Etsy shop and order yourself a bar of soap – I’ll send you a sweet note of gratitude. And celebrate Spring, sunlight, and beauty any way you can.


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