My day-to-day life consists of running a business while tending an infant who is currently teething AND crawling AND only – ONLY – wants to play with things that are strictly forbidden and/or fatal (e.g. gallon jugs of oil; the kitchen trash; every single piece of dirt on the floor; the cat). This means that at any given time I’m somewhere on the spectrum between “omg how am I going to do this” and “forget it I’m going to watch Downton Abbey all afternoon”.

The culprit.

The culprit.

It’s a good thing I have a cabinet full of essential oils… and can carry the magic with me wherever I go. In my Etsy shop I sell eight varieties of aromatherapy inhaler, each one designed to transport you to a desired emotional state… peaceful, luminous, bold, inspired, centered, energized, rejuvenated, or balanced. Today is a peaceful kind of day for me… how about you?

For one week, January 16 – 22, select an inhaler FREE with any purchase. Because I want you to feel good!!!

Little capsules of aromatherapy magic

Little capsules of aromatherapy magic


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