The Desire Map Book Club

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I have been reading The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte for about six months now. I think about it every day, for sure. Some days I read, some days I just dream about having time to read… ALL days I think about this:

My Core Desired Feelings from The Desire Map

This is where The Desire Map has lead me, and these words have begun to seep into my everyday and inform my decisions and choices. It is good.

So good, in fact, that I’ll be leading a Desire Map book club event as part of Danielle LaPorte’s World’s Biggest Book Club! The event will be held on January 7, 2014 at a location to be determined, and I’d love for you to join me!

We’ll be opening up some dialogue — from the sacredness to the practicalities of core desired feelings, goal setting, gratitude as a practice… wishes for the New Year – and it would be great…

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