Salt and Clay

I don’t normally photograph my soaps until they are dry(ish), because when they are still soft and tacky to the touch, the colors are weird and they just don’t look done. Today’s soap is definitely not done, but it’s so pretty I can’t wait- I have to share!

Salt and Clay Handmade Soap

Salt and Clay Handmade Soap

The pink color comes from pink kaolin clay and the lighter layer has pink Himalayan salt added in. Oh and did I mention it smells heavenly?! It’s scented with sweet orange, grapefruit, and peppermint essential oils.
It’s so pretty I can barely stand it. Cutting it is going to be a challenge because the salt portion is really hard and the dark non-salt portion is still really soft… Lesson learned about layering two different soaps in the same pour!


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