New News!

Whew – it’s been a while! When I wrote the Our Vision post back in February, I didn’t anticipate what kind of year this would be. First of all, as pregnancies go, mine was pretty normal – but boy was I tired. Bone tired, all the time. So instead of taking off just January as I’d planned, I pretty much took off the whole Spring.

Then in April, look what we got… a brand new thrivebaby!


I know they’re my kids and it’s my job to think this, but seriously, we sure do make them cute around here!

After taking some time off to enjoy this sweet family (with some soapmaking tucked in now and then), just as I was getting focused on getting caught up, my husband accepted a new job and our family relocated from Gainesville to St. Petersburg!

Now that we’ve been here a few weeks and have found our rhythm, I’m turning my gaze back to Thrive, to the months ahead which are my busiest time, and to building my business in our new community. While I am excited about joining the local scene here in St. Pete, I still consider Thrive to be local to Gainesville, too – it’s my hometown after all, we will be maintaining our personal relationships with family and friends as well as our business relationships with the stores that carry our products.

So, welcome friends to the ongoing adventure that is Thrive Handcrafts! If you are new to our products, take a look through the website and see what we’re about – I’ll be updating it regularly. If you’re already familiar with us, leave a comment below naming your favorite Thrive products – think of it as voting for what our upcoming batches of soap will be!

And a final request… share our website, Facebook page, and Etsy store with your friends. We don’t do much conventional advertising, we rely on our good reputation and word of mouth. Help us grow!

With love,

Susan and the Thrive family


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