Mountain Rose Herbs

As I mentioned in my Vision post a few days ago, I want to share my love for other businesses that I support. I see this taking shape as blog & product reviews, recommendations, and the like. My primary motivation is simply that I think it’s the right thing to do – if I find something I like, I want to tell people about it, because I want good people and good businesses to succeed. Most of these reviews I’ll do because I want to spread the word, but if I do have an affiliate relationship that results in financial gain, I will say so.

You’ll see on the right side of my page that I’ve added a link to Mountain Rose Herbs. I get some of my soap & body ingredients from them, and as I begin developing my [spoiler alert!] 100% organic line of soaps later this year, I’m sure I will rely heavily on their array of organic essential oils. I’ve referred people to them who are looking for unusual essential oils, because they have some that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

I’ve also tried their products for personal use, all of which were amazing – hello, raw cacao powder! They carry some cool salts and peppers – I’ve tried their big chunks of yummy pink rose salt (on sale in February!), black lava salt, and smoked black peppercorns – all of which made a really unique culinary gift for my husband’s birthday. Next on my list is to try a few of their teas. 

So tell me in the comments below… what do you want to try from Mountain Rose?

[I have an affiliate relationship with Mountain Rose Herbs, which means that if you click on the links within my blog that lead to Mountain Rose, I will receive a small commission on purchases you make there (thank you!!!). The price you pay will be the same as if you go directly to]


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