Our Vision

I started drafting a blog post about all the things that have come from my month-long focus on planning the coming year… and the draft got so long that I realized each bullet point was actually its own full blog post. So I’ll start this one with a quick list, with a promise to expand each of these in the coming week or so.

Introducing Thrive’s vision statement for 2013!

  • More blogging, less Facebook. I’m not pleased with Facebook’s ever-changing rules about who can see what, and particularly that people who’ve already “liked” my page have to work to get my posts, or I have to pay to get the message to them. 
  • Expand my product line. So far I’ve been a little timid in my choices as I’ve gotten more comfortable with running a business, making soap, balancing work/life, etc… this year I’ll be weeding out some products and adding others.
  • Shift some of my profit to charitable giving, and invest in carbon neutrality.
  • Wholesale over retail. I am 6 months pregnant, so I won’t be doing any craft shows or festivals for the first half of this year! I have a wish list of cities where I would like to explore health food stores, boutiques, nurseries, and similar locally-invested small businesses where Thrive could be sold.
  • More connection with customers. This business is rooted in love for self, family, the natural environment, and sustainable local economies. All of these are very personal – but I’ve resisted personalizing my communications, talking about my story, and showing the connection between me:Susan and me:Thrive. There is a whole beautiful family behind the distant “we” that I’ve blogged with so far… this year will bring more sharing of ME and US and (hopefully) YOU TOO in 2013.
  • More collaboration with other small businesses. I will begin highlighting my favorite businesses and products so we can share in their awesomeness! Some of them I have affiliate links with – I will only endorse or share a product if I legitimately think it’s worthy, and if I also have a financial gain in you buying it, the post will include full disclosure.

This is going to be a really exciting year. I’m so thrilled to be continuing to grow this wonderful business and my beautiful family, and I look forward to sharing it with you. I enthusiastically encourage you to engage here – leave comments! send emails! tell me your ideas and thoughts – I want to hear it!

Gratefully yours,



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