Thrive 2013

In spite of having a nasty cold, I’m going forward this weekend with a solo planning retreat to help me brainstorm and develop ideas for 2013! Most of you know the BIG news – new Thrivebaby will be here in May! – and we’ve also got some new products, updates, and adventures brewing for the coming year.

I’ll emerge from my chrysalis next week with some fabulous announcements… in the meantime, leave me some of your thoughts in the blog or Facebook comments. What Thrive products can you not live without? What new items would you like to see?

And in case you’re wondering… the framework I use for my visioning process is based on Leonie Dawson’s beautiful, inspiring Incredible Life and Incredible Business Workbooks. You’ve heard me rave about her before! The new year is the perfect time for me to sit down with a cup of tea and a rainbow-sparkly book of insight. I’m an affiliate so if you follow my links, some of your purchase benefits Thrive!


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