Shea Butter!

Shea Butter is amazing stuff. At room temperature it’s solid and a little crumbly, but as soon as it touches the warmth of your body it liquifies and glides across your skin. You only need the tiniest bit to see its benefit for personal use or as a lube for massage therapy.

It’s like a perfect, one-ingredient hand lotion and cuticle butter. We also hear it’s good for stretch marks, so it makes a good belly butter for new and expecting moms. And ours is certified organic!

We whip our Shea Butter so it’s light and fluffy and looks like whipped cream. We also offer it blended with jojoba oil, which is a deluxe improvement on something that’s pretty amazing! Jojoba is  the plant oil that most resembles the naturally-occurring sebum in your skin, which means that it absorbs easily and doesn’t leave an oily feeling on your skin.

We’ll have both these products at the GLAM Craft Show, and they’ll be at retailers next week – just in time for the holidays!


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