Creativity + Invention

My apologies for not updating for so long – it’s been a low-energy couple of months for me, but I am back in action for Fall! Loving the weather, excited about the holidays, and having fun meeting new people!

Some updates…

  1. The biggest news is that I’m teaching a soap making class at the Cade Museum for Creativity + Invention in just a few short weeks! It’s going to be awesome! There are two ways to learn more: go to my Facebook page and look under the Events section, or go to the Cade Museum website (choose Programs, then Book a Class, then page forward to November 2012 – you can choose from two sessions, Sunday 11/4 or Thursday 11/8), You will learn the history and science of cold process soap, participate as we make a  batch of soap, and take home a hand made wooden soap mold full of soap you made yourself – it will make about 8 bars that will be cured and ready in time for holiday gift-giving!
  2. I applied to be a vendor at Gainesville’s annual GLAM Craft Show in December… still waiting to hear if I will be accepted…
  3. I am really kicking the soap production in high gear with the holidays coming! As you may know, this is Slow Soap we’re making… it takes around 4 weeks for a batch of soap to get made, cut, cured, and packaged. So if you are even THINKING about doing your holiday shopping with me, or if you have a custom soap you’d like me to make – NOW IS THE TIME! Drop me a line so we can chat!

Many blessings…


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