More love for Leonie

I’ve blogged before about Leonie Dawson and her Goddess Guidebook. One of the sweet indulgences I’ve allowed myself this year is membership in her Goddess Circle – for $99 a year, you gain full access to ALL of her e-courses (purchased separately they are $79 each!), guided meditations, forums, and more.

This is GOOD, rainbow-soaked, soul-soothing stuff. Practical and wise and real, wrapped in sparkling beauty. I have been working through the Business Goddess e-course and the Creative Goddess workbook, both of which have boosted my confidence, my business, and my understanding of the connection of spirituality to creativity and business.

Well, this is a special moment, because in a few days the price of the Goddess Circle is going to DOUBLE. If you’ve been thinking about it – if it tickled your curiosity like it did mine – now is the time! If you’re thinking about it but still not sure – ask me and I’ll tell you even more!

For the record: because I participate in the affiliate program, if you purchase from Leonie through the links on my blog, some of the abundance comes back to me. With complete sincerity, I would encourage you to join with this same level of enthusiasm, whether I was benefiting or not – that’s how much I adore it.


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