Cream deodorant, revisited.

UPDATE: Since this original post in June 2012, we’ve tweaked our cream deodorant a few times by adding organic shea butter and arrowroot powder. It’s now been over 2 years since Mr. Thrive and I started using this deodorant every day, and I can still vouch for its awesomeness. If you haven’t tried it, you’re in luck, because we’ll be introducing some new scents this Fall!

And look how pretty it is:

Cream Deodorant

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Original post:

This is a big weekend for Thrive Handcrafts’ cream deodorant, based on the following observations and feedback:

  • some have reported a rash or discomfort – including me 🙂 I think this is from the high proportion of baking soda, which has a tendency to be slightly abrasive.
  • the coconut oil base was awesome during the winter, but now that it’s summer, the oil (which is liquid over 76 degrees) makes the cream more like a soup.
  • furthermore, because of the liquid oil, the deodorant is separating – the solids (baking soda and corn starch) are not remaining suspended in the oil – previously discussed here
  • a loyal client requested a solid stick deodorant to avoid dipping her fingers in the cream.

So for all these reasons, we are messin’ with our recipe this weekend. We are going to add shea butter and mango butter and reduce the amount of baking soda to improve the texture. We are also going to experiment with a solid deodorant, which is essentially the same deodorant but with a little beeswax added.

For this week, the deodorant you’ll find at Ward’s and the Citizen’s Co-op will be in the form of a new and improved cream. Stay tuned because soon, we will offer our new solid deodorant as a lotion bar and as a stick so you can keep your sweet fingers nice and clean.

We are open to your feedback about the deodorant – before and after. Let us know what you think!


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