Sweetwater Coffee!

Since we started making soap with coffee, we’ve made it with the organic, fairly-traded brew from Sweetwater Organic Coffee. Not only is it crazy delicious (and believe me – we drink a lot of coffee around here) – this is business like it should be conducted (fair trade, locally roasted) and coffee like it should be grown (organic and in the shade).

So, at the risk of squeeing like a fangirl, we are so delighted to announce that our Coffee, Mocha Latte, and Cinnamon Latte soaps (not to mention our future coffee soap concoctions) will carry the Sweetwater logo! We are so honored to partner with a fellow Gainesville business!

There it is!

This announcement goes along with the debut of our shiny new packaging, which will be arriving in local stores soon. More fabulousness and exclamation points!!!!


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