More Goddess Leonie!

I have got the biggest crush on Leonie Dawson – I’ve been reading her blog, joined her Goddess Circle, and enjoying her e-courses. Let me share a few things with you…

  • Starting today I’ll be playing along with the Business Goddess e-course , a five-week program of business wisdom. I’ve already read some of the course materials and it has shifted my thinking about my business and what I need to do to make it prosper! You can do the e-course any time but if you choose to start today, you can participate in the program along with others, with email reminders and all that.
  • Not long ago I joined the Goddess Circle, which gives me access to ALL the e-courses and paid materials as well as forums and other stuff – and it costs just a little bit more than taking a single e-course! If you are interested in what Leonie has to offer, this is the way to go.
This was a big GO FOR IT for me. As I’ve said before, I started out having a hard time wrapping my mind around Leonie’s approach – she takes a rainbow goddess right-brained approach to concepts that I would communicate using an excel spreadsheet. But the more I’ve read, the more sold I am – this is good stuff. And since I’ve decided to support myself and my family by using my creativity to build a business, she’s really hitting me in the right spot.

Two truths: first, I participate in Leonie’s Ambassador program, meaning that if you purchase her products through these links, some of that abundance comes back to me. Second, even if I had nothing to gain, I would still encourage you to go for it too 🙂


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