Why we thrive, part one

I have been formulating a post for quite some time about the origins of Thrive Handcrafts and why this big whirlwind adventure got started. It’s like a river with many tributaries – so many reasons, all tinted with love and passion, flowed together to create something larger than the sum of its parts.

In other words, I’ve got a lot to say, and it’s hard to figure out how to say it all.

We’ll start with perhaps the most obvious reason, personal health, and caring about the types of products I put on my skin and on my baby’s skin. For many years I’ve preferred natural products, and when I became pregnant with the Thrivebaby I got even more serious about reading labels and making the best choices for our health.

Let me tell you – once you start reading – wow. First and foremost for me was eliminating petroleum products, next was pthalates and parabens. And beyond that, I get a little overwhelmed. There are so many chemicals, so many names, so many things to remember. Some of the things that look like icky chemicals are not: caprylic/capric triglyceride is another name for fractionated coconut oil; propylene glycol is the active ingredient in anti-freeze.

Lucky for me, this amazing article was posted yesterday on the Positively Positive facebook page. A straightforward list of 15 chemicals to avoid in your personal care products. I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Lucky for you, Thrive Handcrafts has never, and WILL NEVER, use these ingredients in our products. Period.

So here is a challenge: go to your bathroom cabinet, and start reading labels. Think about what you’re putting on your skin and how it serves you and your greater intention. If you throw away at least five products and replace them with at least one offering from Thrive, tell me (on your honor) and I will gift you a free bar of soap. Because I love you đŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Why we thrive, part one

  1. Stephanie G Travis

    Keep encouraging us to do this! The only toxic item I can’t let go of is hair spray .. and I don’t use it that often. Hmmmm. Maybe I’m ready. Thanks, Thrive!


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