An apology

We learned something new about our product this week, and as a result we may owe some of our customers an apology.

Thrive cream deodorant consists of coconut oil, baking soda, and cornstarch, plus essential oil. The coconut oil is liquid above 76 degrees. Since the weather has turned warmer (and especially since we keep our house in the 81 degree range) we’ve noticed that the deodorant gets pretty soft and even separates so that the oil is on top.

We thought it was no big deal.

Out of curiosity, we opened a deo that was packaged for sale to mix it up and see how long it took to separate – and discovered that it wasn’t just separated, the solids that had sunk to the bottom were really hard and stuck. It took a metal spoon to get it all out. We were mortified to think that customers had taken this product home, only to discover a stuck mess. The good news is, once all the product was in a bowl, it was easy to mix it back to its normal creamy consistency.

If you have purchased a cream deodorant that was separated, it may stir easily – but if it’s stuck, please accept our apology – and don’t hesitate to contact us for an exchange or a store credit for your next purchase.

As always, we offer our heartfelt gratitude for your business.


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