Flourish and Thrive

We love Gainesville, and we love IndieGainesville! Thanks so much for the kind words – we are touched that we were able to have a hand in your recovery. Love!!!


It’s no secret that one of us was, shall we say, out of commission for a week and a half. (No secret because we shared it on facebook!)

During the time off from indiegainesville…well, we missed indiegainesville.

We missed exploring and discovering new indiegainesville folks.

We missed the amazing sense of community we find in indiegainesville.

In short, we missed you.

But we took comfort in some local, indie-made items.

Without further ado, we have to praise Thrive Handcrafts for their amazing products that nurtured one of us back to health.

After spending 48 hours in Shands without a shower, one of us couldn’t wait to get home and take a hot shower. So she climbed into the shower, anxious to try some goodies from Thrive Handcrafts.

She has this to say:

“Thrive Handicrafts makes a kickass sugar body scrub that does a tired body good. After my long, hot…

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