Special Simple Soap – UPDATED

Update 5/14: This soap is now available on Etsy.

When I make a basic, fragrance-free soap, I just can’t think of anything to call it but Simple Soap. It may have some extra-sweet ingredients like coconut milk or shea butter, but in my mind it is still deserves an elegant, straightforward name. Simple soap.

Last week at the Spring Garden Festival, I was honored with a custom order. A customer wanted a fragrance-free soap with goat milk and shea butter; her mother was going through radiation treatment for cancer and this soap was the doctor’s recommendation for her sensitive skin.

Not only was I happy to accommodate the request, I was particularly touched by the experience of making a soap for someone in cancer treatment. My beloved grandmother survived cancer – if I had been making soap then, I would gladly have made a special soap to soothe her skin. She is gone now, but I live and make soap in the home where she lived for 50 years, so yesterday’s soap was especially poignant.

In three weeks, Goat Milk Simple Soap will make its debut. Coconut, olive, castor, rice bran, and avocado oils, shea butter, and goat milk. Sweet, creamy, simple, and made with love, hope, and remembrance.


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