Gainesville magazine!

We are so proud to announce that we’ve been featured in an article about local eco-friendly businesses in the April-May 2012 edition of Gainesville Magazine, a publication of the Gainesville Sun!!! (see page 89)

We were contacted a few months ago by a writer who learned of us through the indie gainesville blog. We provided business info, photos, and – shazam! There was no way to know it but wow, it is so incredibly exciting to see our name in print!

If you are visiting this page for the first time because of the Gainesville Magazine article, here is a quick intro to Thrive: we are a family business consisting of mom, dad, and the thrivebaby, established in Gainesville in 2011.

Our primary products are handmade soaps, sugar- and salt-based body scrubs, balms, lotions, and massage creams. Everything we make is pure and natural – no synthetics, no dyes, no petroleum products. We only use essential oils, not fragrance oils, to scent our products. We test everything on our own skin to be sure it’s safe! This business and the products we create are truly from the heart.

Please feel free to explore Thrive’s offerings in local stores – we keep the Where to Buy page up to date with all the latest retail locations. Please also ‘like’ our facebook page to keep up with all the latest news – we are constantly coming up with new ideas and products! We are honored to accommodate custom orders – if you don’t see it, please ask!


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