Getting up to date, part one: Spring Garden Festival

Last weekend we participated in what was, to date, the biggest event we’ve done: the Spring Garden Festival at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens! It’s a really special place for us -we got married there! And the festival is one of our favorite weekends of the year anyhow, so participating as a vendor was even better.

Saturday’s weather was a little sketchy – but Sunday was glorious. We met some new people (including Facebook fans!), sold tons, and ate apple dumplings with vanilla ice cream… mmmmm. We also introduced some brand new products to the Thrive line, including garden bath tea, mineral bath, calendula balm, and a few new soaps (more details coming soon).

Most importantly, we introduced many new friends to our sweet-smelling balms, lotions, soaps, and deodorants!

Cinnamon Latte Soap, all dressed up



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