Cream Deodorant

When I first saw a recipe for cream deodorant, I didn’t know what it was- but I was willing to try something new because let me tell you, the store-bought natural stuff wasn’t cutting it. I am not particularly stinky, but when I can smell myself halfway through the day, that is a deodorant fail.

This is where I should add that I run, and my husband rides his bike to work a few days a week – if a deo isn’t working well, we’re going to know it.

So we tried the recipe, and of course I threw in some lavender and tea tree essential oils, because that’s what I do. Its base ingredient is coconut oil, so it’s like lotion- we just dip a tiny bit (about 1/4 teaspoon) and spread it on. And, wow, does this stuff work. We used it for a while then we shared it with others, and we got rave reviews (except when we didn’t, more on that later). I’ve tried a few more scents and found that lemongrass with a tinge of patchouli is the best thing in the world.

Since I’ve been selling this, I’ve had several people tell me that ‘people are talking’ – the word is spreading that this deodorant is effective and smells great. It’s currently on sale at Ward’s and Citizens Co-op in Gainesville, and through my Etsy shop for out-of-towners (find links on the Where to Buy page). It comes in a generous 5-ounce jar, and it’s around $10 – ounce for ounce that’s less than Tom’s. For something that actually works.

Scents available are:

  • lavender-tea tree,
  • rosemary-lavender-patchouli,
  • lemongrass,
  • lemongrass-patchouli,
  • any other combination your sweet self can imagine – just ask and I’ll mix it up for you!
  • unscented

I really want to hear your feedback – please leave comments to let me know how it works for you!

One word of prudence: one of our product testers stopped using the deodorant because the baking soda made her skin sting. So like anything else, please do a little skin patch test to be sure you’re not sensitive to it. If you want to test my new baking soda-free version, leave a comment or drop me a note!


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