Scrubs and balms available now

Here is a list of our available scrubs and balms for Fall 2011. These are all made by hand in small batches. If you see something you like but it’s not quite perfect – just ask – we’re happy to make custom orders!

Scrubs are made with a combination of white sugar, brown sugar, and sea salt. Then we add a variety of skin-loving butters and oils, including shea butter, aloe butter, sweet almond oil, and rice bran oil. They are super-moisturizing but won’t leave you greasy!

  • Coffee Butter
  • Shea Butter (unscented)
  • Oatmeal Cookie (no scent added, contains oat flour)
  • Peppermint
  • Citrus
  • Cinnamon Ginger
  • Lavender Aloe Butter

Our balms are good for lips, and also work great on dry cuticles, elbows, and heels!

  • Mocha
  • Avocado Hemp
  • Orange Apricot
  • Cupuaçu Honey
  • Aloe Butter (lavender-lemon and unscented)

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