Love yourself!

A big part of the inspiration behind Thrive Handcrafts is a desire to love and pamper myself and my child- not just with anything, but with natural, beautiful things.

In the process of learning how to make soap, we also started making scrubs and balms – as well as deodorant, mud masque, and other skin- and spirit-nourishing products.

There are no petroleum products or fragrance oils in our products. We use food-grade oils, sugar, salt, and butters. We only use essential oils for fragrance. Experimentation is ongoing, so stay tuned – there will be more products and scents in 2012!

Love Yourself products available for Fall 2011:

  • Cream deodorant (lavender-tea tree, lemongrass, unscented)
  • French green clay mud masque (clay, oat flour, and matcha green tea)
  • Shea Butter (that’s it!)

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