Where do I buy Thrive products?

I get this question a lot 🙂

Thrive is a new business, and I’ve spent the last few months getting it up and running. And no matter what I could have done, nothing prepared me for the sudden rush of interest I’ve gotten within the past few weeks – PLUS holiday orders rolling in – PLUS my soaps take at least three weeks to cure before they are ready to sell, so I have to go on faith and think waaay ahead.

I have an Etsy shop, please check it out. However, with the surge in local interest, I haven’t put as much time into Etsy – I would prefer to cultivate local retail opportunities and personal sales right now. I’ve only had time to list a limited number of items.

And, have I mentioned that in addition to all this, I’m a full-time mom to a toddler?

So the answers to the question “where do I buy Thrive products?” are:

  • you can get them from me directly. Email me at susan.niemama@gmail.com and we’ll connect!
  • very very soon – hopefully this week! – Thrive will be on the shelves of several local businesses… stay tuned!
  • the Monthly Craft Market and, if I get my act together, the Winter Gift Fair (even if I’m not there, you should go).
  • my Etsy shop
  • [the name of your business could be here…]



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